New Walk Of Shame Poster Should Be Ashamed Of What It Has Done To Elizabeth Banks

Walk of Shame Poster

I know the phrase "epic fail" is totally dated, but we need to revive it to properly describe this truly awful poster for the Elizabeth Banks vehicle Walk of Shame. Seriously, this poster just fails on every level.

Tipped by Coming Soon, the ad commits several grievous sins. But before I break them down, let me commend it for almost communicating its movie's premise. Almost.

Written and directed by Steve Brill, Walk of Shame centers on reporter Meghan Miles (Banks), who has the job interview of her life ahead of her. If she nails it, she could make that coveted leap to network news anchorwoman. But after a drunken one night stand leaves her stranded in downtown Los Angeles without her phone, car, ID or any cash, the degree of difficulty has risen considerably. Can she make through this walk of shame to her dream job?

With Banks on a bench that has a local news team ad and her face on it, you get a feel for this story, especially with the title and tagline ("Awesome Night. Epic Aftermath.") coming into play. However, the Banks sitting on the bench doesn't look like she's taking a walk of shame. She looks like she's ready to walk the red carpet or perhaps pose on the cover of a women's fashion magazine. Speaking of the wildly Photoshopped covers of women's magazines, who can we call out for Photoshopping Banks into oblivion? Instead of looking like her gorgeous self, an overzealous photo editor has made her look like a fembot. Or Katherine Heigl.

Walk of Shame Closeup

It's offensive on its face..or on hers. If it weren't for Banks' name up top and the backup shot on the bench ad--that actually does look like her--I wouldn't have known who this yellow-dressed bench rider was meant to be. This major misfire is reminiscent of that atrocious poster for The Heat that similarly slicked away much of Melissa McCarthy's face, and suitably got attacked for it.

The Heat Poster

This lame poster is all the more galling because Banks has worked hard for a comedy vehicle of her own, offering stellar supporting roles in Wet Hot American Summer, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and The Hunger Games. Finally she gets a movie and a poster all to herself, and astonishingly they make this beautiful woman unrecognizable.

Boo gif

Horrendous poster aside, we're actually looking forward to the release of Walk of Shame, which boasts a cast stuffed with comedy all-stars like James Marsden (Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues), Gillian Jacobs (Community), Bill Burr (Stand Up Guys), Liz Carey (The 40-Year-Old Virgin), Ken Davitian (Borat), Willie Garson (Sex and the City), Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (Would You Rather), Oliver Hudson (Rules of Engagement), Alphonso McAuley (Breaking In), Kevin Nealon (Weeds), Ethan Suplee (My Name Is Earl), Sarah Wright (Parks and Recreation) and standout stand-up Tig Notaro. Look for its first trailer tomorrow. Hopefully that will give us a better portrait of this otherwise promising sex comedy.

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