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Do you like yelling, explosions, tattoos, fires, one-liners, more explosions, louder yelling, Bradley Cooper looking dreamy, helicopter dog fights, a little retro “I’m gonna kill you fool!,” big ass stogies, and plans coming together? Then, judging by the latest clip to hit the internet, you’ll absolutely love The A-Team. I mean really love it.

The A-Team just looks like a good time at the theater, with ridiculous action sequences and snarky dialogue aplenty. Isn’t that what summer blockbusters are made of? They’re all about spending 95% percent of the budget on some well-known faces and special effects galore while chucking the other 5% at a writer or two to pull the whole thing together. Because with this much going on onscreen all at once, the dialogue just gets in the way.

Check out a four minute clip of The A-Team below, and remember, don’t park in the handicap zone!

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