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Watch Anna Kendrick Flirt, Sing And Strip Her Boyfriend In Last 5 Years Clip

Into the Woods isn't the only upcoming feature adaptation of a stage musical that will make good use of Anna Kendrick's singing abilities. As you'll see in the clip below, the Pitch Perfect star will be singing her heart out in the feature adaptation of The Last 5 Years. Watch her express her adoration and affection while she distracts her man as he drives...

Some people don't appreciate being sang to with such enthusiasm while they're driving, but Jeremy Jordan's character doesn't seem to mind one bit.

Based on Jason Robert Brown's stage musical, The Last 5 Years tells the story of Cathy and Jamie's relationship. In the play, Cathy's side of the story is told backwards, beginning with the end of her marriage and working its way back, while Jamie's story is told from the beginning of their relationship and working its way forward. The clip above, which comes via Entertainment Weekly, looks like it's revealing a moment from Cathy's side of the story, as she sings her affection for Jeremy Jordan while hey cruise along in his convertible and park for a bit of back-seat fooling around before hitting the road again. It's all very romantic and happy, which suggests things are going pretty well for the couple at this point in the story.

Last 5

Photo via EW

While The Last 5 Years won't make its way into theaters until February 2015, Richard LeGravenese's adaptation made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend, and our own Sean O'Connell had a peek at the film. Based on what he had to say about the movie, it doesn't sound like it won him over, but perhaps fans of the stage musical and/or fans of Anna Kendrick and Newsies alum Jeremy Jordan will like what they see when this film arrives next year. At the very least, the musical element and the emphasis on romance should make The Last 5 Years a good fit for the Valentine's Day movie crowd.

In the meantime, it looks like there will be steady doses of Anna Kendrick's singing abilities being doled out on the big screen, beginning in December. Anna Kendrick will be among the sizable cast of Disney's Into the Woods adaptation, which is due to hit theaters this Christmas. Kendrick plays the role of Cinderella in the musical. There's also Pitch Perfect 2 to look forward to, as Kendrick will reprise her role of Beca in the anticipated aca-sequel. That's due to hit theaters May 15.

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