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Watch Anna Kendrick And Miles Teller Struggle To Grow Up In Get A Job Trailer

How's this for a funny story: a film about Millennials and their struggles with the job market, starring Miles Teller and Anna Kendrick, has been sitting on the shelves for almost four years! It might be hard to believe, but the trailer you're about to see for Get A Job is a moment that even Kendrick herself never thought would happen. And yet, you can watch it for yourself below.

After several years of delay, Lionsgate decided to release Get A Job through their Premiere platform, which specializes in VOD and limited theatrical releases. The plot focuses on Will and Jillian (Teller and Kendrick, respectively,) a couple of young graduates who are ready to embark on their first adventure into the post-graduate workplace. Of course, while Jillian has no problem at first and Will finds himself slamming into a brick wall, their situations are reversed later on – because that's kind of how it always happens in the movies.

The delay in releasing Get A Job certainly didn't hurt the prospects of Anna Kendrick, or Miles Teller. Kendrick would later find herself the head of the cast to the break out sensation Pitch Perfect, while also honing her craft in indie films such as Drinking Buddies, Life After Beth, and The Voices. Meanwhile, Teller would have to wait until the next year to wow crowds with his turn in The Spectacular Now, which opened the doors needed to see him play a big part in the Divergent Saga franchise, as well as both the Academy Award nominated Whiplash and the Razzie nominated Fantastic 4. So if anything, the delay in the film's release schedule has probably given it more of a chance of landing itself in front of more audiences who recognize its now A-listed leads.

Get A Job looks like it could be fun, if not a little dated because of its 2012 origins. Still, even with any sort of aging the film might already be showing, it looks infinitely more entertaining than last summer's bomb We Are Your Friends. While both films take the subject of today's youth trying to make it big in the world, and on their own terms, Get A Job looks like it remembered to be an entertaining film, rather than focus on being an ill plotted music video. Also, when you've got this much footage of Bryan Cranston smiling, and Alison Brie promising to be a scene-stealer in whatever capacity she's featured, you have to have gotten something right.

With a limited release window in theaters, coinciding with the film's VOD release, Get A Job might stand to make more money than it would have if it was released around the time it was made. From the looks of the first trailer, the film definitely doesn't look like it was shelved due to content, so we'll find out if it sinks or swims when it's released to the public on March 25.

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