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Daisy Ridley is a busy woman, what with Star Wars: Episode VIII going into production, and her career still taking off after her breakout role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. However, we're glad to see that she's not too busy that she has to skip arm day at the gym, as she's shared a video of her training regimen with acclaimed stunt master Liang Yang. Prepare to be impressed below.

Now we're not saying that Daisy Ridley's work in Star Wars: The Force Awakens was child's play. However, her training with Liang Yang in the Instagram video above has clearly taken her fighting skills to the next level. While she hasn't explicitly mentioned the film by name, it's pretty obvious that these moves are part of Ridley's repertoire for Rian Johnson's Star Wars: Episode VIII. If this is the case, then it's a fair assumption that the next chapter in the story of Rey is going to be quite the fighter.

Thinking a little deeper after watching Daisy Ridley's kick assed saber-wielding skills in her video, we can't help but remember her first lightsaber duel from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In that duel, Rey held her own against fellow Force sensitive initiate, Kylo Ren. Both combatants were impressive enough for show, but you could tell that both of them were also a little bit rough around the edges. This was to be expected as, again, they're fledgling students who still need some polishing. So if Ridley's Rey has been honing her trade, you can bet Adam Driver's Kylo Ren has been doing exactly the same thing. Which means that the rematch between the two opposing champions of the Force will be a lot less amiable than their previous bout, confirming all of the hints that Star Wars: Episode VIII is going to be the dark middle entry we're all expecting.

Of course, our train of Star Wars: Episode VIII thought has made its final stop at this point of the journey, and it has us thinking about one major question: who's going to lose a limb? Seeing as it's basically Star Wars tradition to have a downer middle chapter, complete with a surprise amputation in the heat of battle, we're wondering if Rey or even Kylo might be saying goodbye to their right hand in the near future. Though judging how fans have judged the level of homage Star Wars: The Force Awakens paid to Star Wars: A New Hope, it wouldn't be all that surprising if tradition was skipped this time around.
A lot of thinking is to be had after watching Daisy Ridley show off her spectacular stunt skills, and every thought arrives at the same conclusion: Star Wars: Episode VIII is going to be just a little more hyped than it was before we got our hands on the clip above. We still have a while to go to see if the wait was worth it, as Star Wars: Episode VIII is scheduled for a December 15, 2018 release date.

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