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Watch The Die Hard With A Vengeance Alternate Ending That Involves A Rocket Launcher

John McTiernan’s Die Hard With a Vengeance has a rabid fan base, and they’ve made their opinions of the sequel known in the comments section of various Die Hard articles we’ve penned this week. I get it, even though I think the film has gaping plot holes that you can drive a dump truck through … literally.

The last 30 minutes of the film, for example, are a huge problem for me (and if you listen to McTiernan’s director’s commentary on the With a Vengeance DVD or Blu-ray, you’ll know that there are big issues for him, as well). It hurts even more that there’s an alternate ending to Vengeance that exists, was filmed, and would have been a drastic improvement over the Canadian confrontation that concluded McTiernan’s movie. Have you ever seen it? We have it for you below:

I love that clip. Love it. It gives McClane the face-to-face conclusion with Simon Gruber (Jeremy Irons) that the original cut of Vengeance never gave them. Giving McClane an ability to play a riddles game on his own terms is a vast improvement over him shooting an electrical cable, randomly taking Simon out as he hovers in a helicopter. The sequence might go on for a bit, but having McClane clean, sober and relying on his wits to outsmart an opponent is exactly the type of ending I wanted out of With a Vengeance.

The studio disagrees, obviously. But then again, those are the same suits who have given us A Good Day to Die Hard, so what do they know?

Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

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