This weekend's This Is The End started off as the short "Jay and Seth vs The Apocalypse," which was essentially about what happens when Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen stop being polite and start getting real… because the world has ended outside their door. Of course, that's a concept that started more than 20 years ago with The Real World, so it was only inevitable that This Is The End and The Real World would cross paths eventually, through this clever bit of cross-promotion that cropped up online today.

I'm not currently watching The Real World: Portland, so I'm taking their word for it that these are actual current housemates Avery-Lee and Joi-- their negligible acting skills but willingness to get into screaming matches certainly suggest it. But the presence of the hot tub, the scene in which they all decide to lay down the house rules, and especially the fight over Seth's peanut butter show some serious Real World knowledge. If you're old enough to remember Puck, you know what I'm talking about.

And though nothing in this clip really has anything to do with This Is the End, beyond the presence of a bunch of squabbling actors locked in a house together, it makes for a great ad anyway. The movie, which was heavily improvised and features a huge number of cameos from famous people, is basically just the promise of watching a bunch of really funny guys goofing off together. Though you might think the idea would wear off in a 90-minute movie as opposed to this six-minute clip, the rave reviews say they actually pull it off. If you laughed at Danny McBride peeing in the couch cushions-- and come on, you know you did-- you might have to make time for both This is The End and Man of Steel this weekend.

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