Watch Eva Mendes' Other Guys End Credits Song

The closing credits of The Other Guys contain several surprises. The one you’re going to hear people talking about most over the next few days are a series of animated graphics illustrating the way we were all pretty much robbed by corporate thieves during the economic collapse. The animation is actually really well done and incredibly informative, distilling the way we’re all pretty much screwed in a way that, hopefully the common man can finally understand. Unfortunately it feels completely out of place at the end of something that’s supposed to be a comedy.

Also surprising, but perhaps far less so, is the end credits song you’ll hear while the Wall Street animation plays. It’s called “Pimps Don’t Cry” and it’s sung by Eva Mendes. Eva Mendes can sing? Yeah I had no idea either. In the film Eva Mendes plays the super-hot wife whose beauty Will Ferrell can’t see, and while the end credits animation isn’t online (at least not yet) Eva’s song is, complete with an accompanying video which reveals yet another Eva Mendes shocker: She can’t dance. At least it doesn’t seem like she can. The video features Eva singing while engaging in a series of herky, jerky movements. It’s weird. Take a look:

Josh Tyler