Watch Harrison Ford Prevent Chewbacca's Suicide in Bizarre, Hilarious Star Wars Skit

When you’ve known each other as long as Chewbacca and Han Solo have, there are bound to be some problems. These apparent issues came to a head last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live where Chewbacca was so distraught over his falling out with Harrison Ford that he considered suicide. Check out the video below to see how it turned out.

So apparently there’s been a long-running feud between the co-pilots of the Millennium Falcon for years. Chewie apparently got too friendly with Harrison Ford’s wife. Since Ford uses the word "was" here, it would seem we’re not talking about Calista Flockhart, for whatever that’s worth. Ford is ready to let the wookie fall to his death until Jimmy Kimmel urges him to think about the good times. This leads to an Adele-backed montage of Ford and Chewie spending time together. While the Hello bit is already getting a little old. it’s not quite dead yet so we’ll let it go. It’s Ford’s quivering bottom lip leading into the flashback sequence that really turns the sketch from "pleasant diversion" to "outright hilarious." Eventually the two friends put the past behind them and reunite. This is a good thing, otherwise that red carpet premiere was going to be awkward.

Something strange appears to have happened to Harrison Ford in the last couple of weeks. We were all set to bestow the title of "Star Wars curmudgeon" on him and now nobody seems to be having as much fun with the ancillary Force Awakens promotion than he is. From his previous appearance on Kimmel, in a hot dog costume, to surprising fans as part of the Force for Change charity promotion, the guy is either having the time of his life or he’s a really good actor. Well, we know he’s a really good actor. You know what we mean.

The funniest part of this bit may be that it’s actually a call back to a joke Harrison Ford and Chewbacca did on the show back in 2011. Check out the earlier scene here.

With more than three weeks left before the movie is released, who knows where the promotion will go from here. Have they been holding back some cool stuff, or are they now scraping the bottom of the barrel since they’ve been doing this for nearly a year?

Dirk Libbey
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