Watch The Hilarious Animated Opening Sequence From Your Highness

Last summer, one of the most interesting parts of the Adam McKay-directed The Other Guys was the end credits sequence, which outlined how we ended up in the financial crisis that we currently find ourselves in. Curious about how it came about, we decided to contact the people who made it, a company called Picture Mill, and they graciously let me go down to their office to talk with them about it. While I was there, I asked about some of the other films they were working on, one of which was the David Gordon Green comedy Your Highness, for which they were making a "a really fun, crazy, hopefully hilarious main title sequence." That was eight months ago, however, but with the release of Your Highness this past weekend, Picture Mill has posted the opening credits on their site.

Illustrated in the same fashion as a King Arthur storybook that has been scribbled in by a bunch of high school students, the sequence illustrates the escape of Prince Thadeous (Danny McBride) and his aide Courtney (Rasmus Hardiker) as they escape from a village of little people that tried to have them killed. The sequence is one of the highlights of the film and definitely worth a watch.

Check out the video below and for more from the studio, head on over to their website.

In context this animated sequence happens right after an opening live action sequence in which a group of dwarfs attempts to hang Danny McBride's character for sleeping with the dwarf king's daughter. He escapes, and the animation illustrates him running away. What's missing in this version of the credits is all the voiceover and narration. McBride and the actors actually act out their parts while the animation plays, which adds a whole level of funny to what you just saw, but is sadly absent here.

Eric Eisenberg
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