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J.J. Abrams usually looks like the cat who ate the canary, as the geek who rose to become King of the World. Now that he's become King of the Universe-- or, er, galaxies-- by taking over both Star Trek and Star Wars, the guy really can't help himself. He seems both in disbelief that he's been handed these two massive worlds, and smugly sitting back with the knowledge that he's about to change geek lives, and nobody but him knows how he's going to do it.

And he looks like that even when in conversation with someone he knows well, Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty in Star Trek Into Darkness and who is one of many very famous Star Wars fans. In the above clip you see the two of them talking about what Star Wars means to the both of them, and Abrams admits to a very real concern that had never really occurred to me. Walking into 2009's Star Trek having never been a Trekkie, Abrams didn't feel beholden to the series's vast history and felt free to start fresh. With Star Wars, he's as attached to the mythology as anyone else-- so how is he actually going to be able to revive it?

Maybe by making the much-clamored-for Jar Jar Binks spinoff, as Pegg jokes. Or maybe by Han, Luke and Leia's kids, or building up to a Han Solo spinoff. The rumors are endless, and Abrams-- with that sly grin-- is still not telling. Though we hope he's at least planning a role for his Star Wars-obsessed pal Pegg.

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