Kristen Wiig is no stranger to portraying strange and quirky women on screen. And this time around is no different in her latest film, Welcome to Me. Watch as Kristen Wiig plays an unstable woman who wins the lottery, and brings her wackiness to live television.

Trailer removed upon request.

Wiig portrays Alice Klieg, a young women who suffers from borderline personality disorder, though she manages it fairly well along with medication and therapy. She has a typical daily routine which involves memorizing every episode of Oprah, and yearning for more. Then, Alice’s luck turns around when her numbers come up in the state lottery, and she decides to "do something big". She quickly buys a stretch of hours at a local television company, moves into a casino, and starts her own talk show all about her life. In the process, Alice avoids therapy, and her medication and as seen in the trailer, goes pretty insane without them. But, her talk show actually gains an audience, and people can identify with Alice’s quirkiness.

In the trailer, we see the character do everything from spill an entire pot of sauce all over her to eat a hamburger cake , and not only is it comedic, but it is also strangely relatable. Most talk shows (especially Oprah and the daytime shows) put their hosts on high pedestals, and Wiig’s character Alice, shows that yes she has her own show, but she’s just a regular person doing it.

Wigg has come a long way since her days as Gilly on Saturday Night Live. The comedienne has been scoring role after role, in critically-acclaimed indie films such as Skeleton Twins and was just recently announced as one of the leading women in the Ghostbusters reboot. She brings a unique talent to the screens, and can play such a diverse range of characters while still bringing a natural, unforced humor to them. Her acting chops continue to improve, and this film looks like it was a perfect opportunity for Wiig to show them off.

The film also stars James Marsden, Linda Cardellini, Tim Robbins and Wes Bentley and it first premiered at the Toronto FIlm Festival on September 5, 2014 where it had great reviews, with special praise for Wiig’s performance. The dark comedy does make people laugh but it also is clear that it’s dealing with serious issues, including mental illness. In a Q&A after the screening in Toronto, actress-turned-director of the film, Shira Piven explained that the idea of the movie was to approach Alice as a real person, not to think about how to make people laugh, but just to be respectful, and comedic scenes happened naturally.

We can’t wait to see Wigg’s full performance in this wacky comedy, Welcome to Me which will open later this year via Alchemy according to IndieWire.
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