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Depending on your personal preference you either adore the low-budget Oscar bait movies that are overly dramatic and serious and give actors room to explore emotional characters in an intimate setting. Or you find them utterly tedious. Most of you are probably somewhere in the middle. That’s exactly where Kristen Wiig appears to be on the subject, because even though she has starred in her fair share of indie, Oscar-bait dramas, she’s made a great video that hilariously pokes fun at these roles. You definitely need to check it out below.

As you can probably tell from the clip above, Kristen Wiig worked alongside Jimmy Kimmel to poke fun at the huge sways of these films that are now beginning to depressingly maraud into cinemas just ahead of the awards season. Just ahead of the premiere of the trailer for Crying In A Sweater, which sees Kristen Wiig’s rather emotional character wailing into her attire on a regular basis, Jimmy Kimmel explained how the former Saturday Night Live actress had been repeatedly lauded for her performance in the faux drama.

In fact, because of her turn and the stunning reviews for Crying In A Sweater, Kimmel explained that there had been rumors and speculation that Wiig might find her mantle is soon filled with gongs and statues because of her portrayal. In fact, even the word Oscar was thrown out there.

It soon became very, very clear that Jimmy Kimmel was in on the joke though. That’s because not only did the trailer only show Kristen Wiig weeping for two straight minutes – she only stopped to tell a concerned Glen to "get the fuck out of here" before she then chastised his clothes – but the credits showed that Kimmel himself was heavily involved in its production. Plus, just check out who the supposed director was.

Obviously, the above is spectacularly funny, and kudos to Wiig for poking fun at herself and others for highlighting just how ridiculously drab these films can look. But it should also be remembered that Kristen Wiig herself is just as guilty as other actresses at dabbling in them.

For every Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters and Anchorman 2, there is The Skeleton Twins, The Diary Of A Teenage Girl, and Girl Most Likely. And while you can understand why Wiig likes to test her talents with the latter, I will always prefer to see her being riotously funny to forlorn and serious.

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