Watch Taylor Lautner's Field Of Dreams Remake Trailer

Back in 1989 when Kevin Costner made Field of Dreams you could still make the case that baseball was America’s pastime. These days, it’s not even close. Football has taken over as the clear number one sport in America and, with the NFL lockout looming it seems almost appropriate that someone would remake Field of Dreams as a football movie. That someone is Taylor Lautner… sort of.

Find out what it would look like if Taylor Lautner made Field of Dreams in the modern era, by watching him in the trailer for Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout. It’s packed with cameos from real football stars, and if you hang in there till the end, you’ll even get a little Kevin Costner:

Those of you who hate Taylor Lautner probably enjoyed seeing him repeatedly pummeled by NFL linebackers who then went inside his house and lost his dog while hitting on his wife. Those of you who love Taylor Lautner got to enjoy seeing him flex his forearms on a tractor. There’s really nothing not to like about this concept. This is just a parody, but if they make it, you will come.

Josh Tyler