Watch Three Hilarious Minutes Of Outtakes From Bridesmaids

If there's any piece of information that I really took away from my epic interview with Bridesmaids director Paul Feig, it's that the jokes in the final cut of the film are only a fraction of the one performed on set. Armed with a cast of extremely funny women, Feig often let them do their own thing and riff on the material, often to hysterical results. Obviously there's only so much that can actually be used (he promised an extended edition that is seven minutes longer), but for those that can't wait for the film to be released on DVD, Funny or Die has come to the rescue.

The comedy site has posted a 3+ minute video that features alternate takes and scenes not featured in the theatrical version and, as you can probably assume, it's hilarious. From Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig having even more sex to Wiig's encounter with an inquisitive child, there isn't a single moment that won't make you laugh and fill the need to go out and see the movie again.

Check it out below.

Eric Eisenberg
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