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Back in 1982 when director Steven Lisberger made Tron, computer animation didn’t exist, let alone blue screen. Tron was an innovator and to create the film’s computerized world the cast spent much of their time standing around on all black sets. Think of it as a pre-cursor to the blue screen we’re all familiar with now. Except, well, imagine trying to actually around on an entirely flat, black set. You’d end up tripping on a lot of steps.

The cast of Tron: Legacy have it a little easier but, that doesn’t mean Legacy isn’t still an incredibly complex production. Loaded with special effects and crazy vehicles and costumes, it’s a massive undertaking. What did it take to make Legacy happen? We have the answer with candid video straight from inside the set while they shot pivotal scenes from the movie.

In the fifteen minutes of footage below you’ll see director Joseph Kosinski and his cast shooting the next generation of Tron. You’ll see everything from Daft Punk shooting their cameo to an enthusiastic Olivia Wilde charming the pants off everyone around her between takes before jumping up and kicking someone’s butt. You’ll find out how they brought Clu to life, using motion capture on Jeff Bridges face while he works scenes with other actors. You’ll see Lisberger literally passing the torch to Legacy director Joseph Kosinski. You’ll see lightcycles and disc battles and everything you’re excited about and more, as it’s created in front of Kosinski’s cameras.

If you’re at all interested in Tron: Legacy, this is a must watch. See it all below, in three parts:

To see some of the scenes you’ve just watched being filmed in completed form, visit out Tron: Legacy video page here.

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