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The gang is back in Red 2, and while the second adventure with Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) and company is a little more predictable than the first, it’s ultimately still watchable and filled with enough sass for returning fans. Those who never got into the first movie certainly do not need to pick up this one, however.

The film starts in a Costco, which is not exactly a place one might guess a spy film would begin. Apparently, Moses has settled into a humdrum routine with his girlfriend, Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker). However, when a random chain of events targets Moses and Marvin (John Malkovich), a mystery needs to be solved before some hitmen gun them down.

Filled with off-beat humor, lots of shifting pieces a who’s who of older actors, the film is more fun than it is ground-breaking, but let’s be honest, not everything needs to be Silence Of The Lambs. Sometimes it’s fun to grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy a fast-paced adventure with just the right number of gags. This film offers all of that in spades and is an enjoyable way to spend some time.

There were rumors soaring about a third entry in the series before Red 2 even hit theaters. This movie, while enjoyable, doesn’t really make a great case for its existence. There aren’t quite enough laughs or big action scenes or moments of genuine interest here to make a viewer want more, and given the collective acting talent, there are certainly better things everyone involved could be doing with their time.

Best Special Feature: I guess I would have to go with The Red 2 Experience. It has no discernable direction whatsoever other than to let the actors talk about random things involving their characters and the film. It sort of plays like one of those features that runs at the theater prior to the trailers, but that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable.

Other Special Features:
Gag Reel
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