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RoboCop has a lot going for it. The PG-13 remake of a 1987 hard R classic is a visually appealing narrative with plenty of glossy action sequences. It ranks up there with Gravity and Avatar as far as its VFX goes. Add in a few nice acting performances and a fine enough script and RoboCop becomes a decently entertaining movie. The only angle that it is really missing is fun.

RoboCop is only amusing in moments. Our hero, Detroit PD officer Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnamon), is fighting corruption from the very start in director José Padilha’s vision. He’s a relentless officer but also a family man, that is, until an accident forces modern science to play its own hand: turning Alex into the first modern-day robot cop. While Alex has to adjust to the reality of his new body and lifestyle, he also looks to take down the bad guys and fight for his freedom against the company who effectively owns him, Omnicorp.

As I noted prior, it’s a fine enough plot for an action film, but this version of RoboCop takes itself so seriously, the action sequences become dark and burdensome rather than cheeky and amusing. The one exception to this is a sequence during which Murphy fights military tactics expert Rick Mattox (Jackie Earle Haley) and his robot drones. That sequence is perhaps the best the movie offers visually, as well as a ton of fun.

With additional performances from Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Abbie Cornish and Michael K. Williams, it’s pretty easy to see why MGM invested money in a reboot. Perhaps with an R-rating or a bit less of a wooden script, director José Padilha’s movie would feel a little more satisfying. As it stands, it’s another visually appealing flick that is lacking in the emotional details.

Best Special Feature: The disc doesn’t have a ton of bonus features, and the best extras are probably the deleted scenes. Those extras highlight the way the film uses social media as well as new technologies to highlight the futuristic Detroit, Michigan. Apparently, in the future, fancy see-though tablets and touch screen video monitors will be all the rage.

Other Bonus Features:
Omnicorp Product Announcement
"RoboCop: Engineered for the 21st Century"
Theatrical Trailers

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