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Thus begins SHOCKtober, yet it is no surprise that Shark Tale made chum out of the competition this week. The Dreamworks animated film took in roughly $49 Mill this weekend making it the biggest opening weekend in October ever. The real shocker came from this week's number 6 slot. Without a doubt, Woman Thou Art Loosed is definitely a candidate for this years WTF awards. The top ten this week got “loosed”, the G rated spiritual redemption flick (or something like that) led by The Manchurian Candidate’s Kimberley Elise opened on 400 screens across the country and secured itself smack in the middle of the list. Sans all the good word of mouth like Shaun of the Dead did last week (and this week) or total media saturation like Fahrenheit 9/11.

Next week, it’s a toss up between the sharks repeating and Billy Bob sports hype. Look for the other releases next week, a former SNL cast member’s gamble/remake and a Hilary Duff movie, turn up some where in the top five. Anyways, enough yappin’...Here’s this week’s Top Ten...
TOP TEN: Oct. 1, 2004-Oct. 3, 2004

1. Shark Tale* - $49.1 Million
2. Ladder 49* - $22.8 Million
3. The Forgotten - $12 Million ($38.3M)
4. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - $3.4 Million ($30.7M)
5. Mr. 3000 - $2.6 Million ($19.2M)
6. Woman Thou Art Loosed* - $2.5 Million
7. Shaun of the Dead - $2.4 Million ($6.9M)
8. Resident Evil: Apocalypse - $2.3 Million ($47M)
9. First Daughter - $2.2 Million ($7.1M)
10. Cellular - $2 Million ($28.2M)
* = Indicates New Release
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