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If you were of a certain age when Star Trek: The Next Generation debuted on network television, then Will Wheaton is your hero. And while everyone worried if Shatner would get a part in JJ Abrams’ new Star Trek maybe you, like me, wondered if there’d ever again be a place on the Enterprise for Wesley Crusher. Guess what? There was.

It seems Wheaton actually was in Star Trek this past summer. Or rather, his voice was. Will revealed one of the movies biggest secrets on his yesterday when he dropped the bomb that he provided voices for almost all of the Romulans in the film. Says Wheaton, “I ended up providing voices for all the Romulans on Nero's ship, including the guy who tells him that "it's time" at the very beginning of the movie.”

Of course as one of the perks of being involved in the film, he got to see the entire thing early. Head over to his site for a full account of just what it was like there, geeking out with JJ Abrams on the epic Star Trek soundstage.