Westboro Baptist Church To Picket SDCC

If you're planning on going down to San Diego this week for Comic Con, prepare to run into some real psychos. No, I'm not referring to the 30-year-old fat man dressed up as Princess Zelda. Rather, I'm talking about the members of the Westboro Baptist Church who are planning to picketing the event. For those not familiar with this specific group of hate-mongering assholes, the WBC is best known for their intense hatred of the homosexual community, going as far as to picket at the funerals of fallen US soldiers and victims of hate crimes. So what is getting their panties in a bunch about Comic Con? Idolatry of course.

According to the Church's website, the WBC is upset that those attending the events in the San Diego Convention Center are too busy reading comic books when what they really should be doing is reading the Bible and that Superman and Batman won't save attendees when in need:

"Are you kidding?! If these people would spend even some of the energy that they spend on these comic books, reading the Bible, well no high hopes here.They have turned comic book characters into idols, and worship them they do! Isaiah 2:8 Their land also is full of idols; they worship the work of their own hands, that which their own fingers have made: 9 And the mean man boweth down, and the great man humbleth himself: therefore forgive them not. It is time to put away the silly vanities and turn to God like you mean it. The destruction of this nation is imminent - so start calling on Batman and Superman now, see if they can pull you from the mess that you have created with all your silly idolatry."

Just in case you didn't grasp the underlying message there, apparently we shouldn't be reading any other books than the Bible and cheering on Batman as he throws the Joker into Arkham Asylum is somehow equivalent to bowing to his name. Our country is great because it gives the power of free speech to the people, something not every nation has. We can disagree with our politicians and meet with like-minded individuals without fear of persecution or death. But, seriously, fuck these assholes.

(via SyFy)

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