Even when the feature film adaptation of The Lone Ranger was running in high gear after Johnny Depp got on board, things like budget problems and werewolves kept the pre-production process in flux. And given its poor box office showing its first week, one wonders if all of the hoopla surrounding the film’s trek to the big screen was even worth it. Perhaps more small screen adventures would have been better?

Jamaican-American comic book artist Keron Grant, best known for his work on Marvel issues, recently posted a series of concept drawings on his Tumblr account account that makes the prospect of a TV series seem not so far-fetched. At least, one that would have existed quite a few years back.

Grant says in one of the picture’s captions, “These are images I developed a few years ago with producer Eric Calderon for a proposed TV show. The Hollywood guys saw these images, liked where we were going, took over and decided to make a movie.” It isn’t clear at what point he and Calderon, who produced the Afro Samurai miniseries, started working on this project, but it was apparently early enough that Jerry Bruckheimer and Co. wanted to nip it in the bud before it went past the concept phase. Here are a few more of his exceptionally cool prints below to go with the one seen up top.




Maybe it’s just because they’re in black and white and because the Lone Ranger is wearing a fedora, but this looks it could have been a really cool idea. Like Dick Tracy in the old west or something. If there’s any justice in the world, this project will come back with a more straightforward story with a hero that doesn’t involve coming back from the dead.

No stranger to concept art, Grant also recently posted pictures created for Man of Steel and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, both of which you can see below.



You can catch The Lone Ranger and its diminishing returns in theaters now.

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