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In news that will shock and disappoint a generation of moviegoers, Quentin Tarantino has admitted that his immediate future might not include filmmaking. That sound you hear is the world collectively weeping. But there’s no need to fret, because Tarantino has insisted that he’s going to be turning his writing and directing talents to new mediums, starting with a theatrical version of The Hateful Eight.

Quentin Tarantino admitted that he wants to give other actors the opportunity to play his characters, and The Hateful Eight is, alongside Reservoir Dogs, perfectly suited for a stage adaptation. However, before you start queuing up on Broadway for tickets, Tarantino, who had previously insisted that he'd quit directing after 10 films, stated that he is going to wait and see how he feels after The Hateful Eight is released before making any concrete plans.

I’ve got to see how I feel when Hateful Eight is over, if I still have the same juice for it, but the next thing I’d like to do is a theatrical adaptation of Hateful Eight, because I like the idea of other actors having a chance to play my characters. So that’s where I’m at. I’m working my way into that time period, where I write novels and film pieces and film books, but in particular direct theater.

I'm guessing you’re initial reaction to Quentin Tarantino’s Hollywood Reporter remarks probably weren't that positive. But there’s plenty of reasons to be excited about Tarantino’s revelation too. It’s always great to see hugely creative and talented individuals trying their hand at new mediums, and Tarantino’s dialogue heavy, gloriously suspenseful, and always entertaining writing is perfectly suited for theatre. Plus, it would also be a waste of Tarantino’s extensive movie knowledge to not hear what he has to say on all things cinema.

There’s just one problem though: having already had the privilege of seeing The Hateful Eight I can honestly say that it’s right up there with Tarantino’s finest pieces of work, as he gloriously toys with the audience in a hilarious, tense, and stupendously entertaining fashion.
In fact, just the thought of there not being a new Quentin Tarantino movie on the horizon is enough to reduce a grown man to tears. So just in case he’s being serious, you better make sure to see The Hateful Eight upon its release on Christmas Day. Heck, you should probably go twice. You won’t regret it.
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