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If there’s one thing that is as much a guarantee as an April Fool’s Day prank, it’s the fact that some jokes don’t go over quite as intended. This year’s award for inadvertent tastelessness goes to Google whose Minions based "Mic Drop" joke appears to have gone completely off the rails. Some people have reportedly lost jobs over it.

The joke was a simple one. If you opened up your Gmail earlier today, next to the standard Send button was a Send + Mic Drop button. If you clicked that, whatever email you were sending would include an animated GIF of a Minion "dropping the mic" along with whatever was in your original email. In addition, the post on Google’s blog said that after you "dropped the mic" you would cease receiving any replies on that thread. It sounds funny and completely harmless. It's exactly what an April Fool’s Day joke should be. The problem was that a number of people found themselves clicking the mic drop button instead of the standard send button by accident. According to Business Insider, this has lead to a number of incidents among people who use Gmail professionally. Here’s one example.

While being accidentally tasteless is one thing, others are reporting the actual loss of jobs due to accidentally dropping the mic at work. One user claims he sent the GIF to the HR department with a company he’d spent three months interviewing with. In another case a writer inadvertently included the mic drop when sending an article to his boss. He never received any edits from his boss, and his lack of response has apparently resulted in a lost job. Luckily, at CinemaBlend, silly GIFs in your email are actively encouraged.

Of course, this is April Fool’s Day, so it’s possible that these angry people are actually posting their own jokes. That’s the problem with the entire concept of April Fool’s Day. Literally everything is suspect. This entire article could be a joke. Did you actually see the mic drop button in your email? Maybe I’m making it up. You don’t know.

Honestly, we hope all of this is as much of a joke as losing a job, or the chance at one is just not funny. It’s too bad, as the premise of the joke is actually funny, unlike a lot of April Fool’s Day pranks. Unfortunately, Google did not take into account all the potential repercussions.

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