Willis And Shyamalan Talking Unbreakable 2

Bruce Willis has been making the interview rounds promoting Cop Out and in the process, talking about what he’ll do next. It’s not all bad news. Some of the things he’s planning to do might actually be good. For instance, Unbreakable 2.

Willis has talked about his desire to do a sequel to the underrated M. Night Shyamalan movie almost since the first one debuted. The film, a deconstruction of the comic book superhero myth, is the kind of story which lends itself to multiple movies and almost everyone involved, except M. Night himself, has been eager to do it. Now though, Bruce Willis tells WENN, “I've been talking to Night Shyamalan about going back to do the middle story to Unbreakable. That whole story was written in three parts and he just chose to shoot the origin story first where the two characters find out they have superpowers. What he wanted to do at the time was shoot the second part where the two superheroes fight and we didn't do that; we started a different way but he's still talking about shooting that film.”

Unfortunately, when Unbreakable debuted, M. Night Shyamalan was hot off the success of The Sixth Sense and wasn’t really used to criticism. While many praised the film as a work of genius, some didn’t, and M. Night overreacted to the negativity by abandoning his future Unbreakable plans. Instead he moved on to other projects which, incidentally, were far less well received. Now he’s the guy who made The Happening and you’d think by now he’d be used to being hated. These days it’s all part of being M. Night. If his next movie, The Last Airbender, does well maybe he’ll regain the status he’d need to do another Unbreakable, only this time without the legendary M. Night ego. It’s been ten years and still I’m dying to find out what’s next for David Dunn and Mr. Glass.

Josh Tyler