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After the many box office disappointments of last weekend, Hollywood was probably grateful to see things looking up last Friday, all led by yet another animated marvel from Disney. Wreck-It Ralph, released in both 2D and 3D, made $13.4 million on Friday-- which, for reference, is already more than the $12 million Argo brought in to win the weekend last week. It's now projected to make $50.2 million for the weekend, the biggest non-holiday opening ever for a Disney Animation title (as opposed to Pixar, also owned by Disney-- other titles include Tangled, Bolt and The Princess and the Frog).

Opening in just over half the number of theaters as Wreck-It Ralph, Robert Zemeckis's adult-focused drama Flight also fared well on Friday, making $8 million, and on track for $23.6 million for the weekend-- a strong number that Deadline credits to Denzel Washington's significant star power among adult audiences. Those older crowd are what has kept Argo soaring for four weeks now, and though last weekend's #1 dropped to #4 on Friday, making $2.9 million, it may get a bump up. Argo was neck-and-neck with RZA's kung fu hullabaloo The Man with the Iron Fists, which made $3 million Friday. Deadline is projecting it'll make just $7.6 million for the weekend, allowing Argo to pull ahead faith an estimated $9.4 million.

And meanwhile, poor Cloud Atlas-- last weekend's would-be blockbuster that wasn't-- made just $1.5 million on Friday, coming in behind, of all things, Taken 2. We've been rooting for it hard over here, but that's just a hit that's never going to happen.

We'll have full box office numbers for you on Sunday, and a lot of localized excitement about the movies, since a lot of movie theaters in New York CIty are finally up and running again now that electricity has been restored to most of lower Manhattan (woo-hoo!) It seems a lot of people are hitting the movies after spending a lot of time cooped up indoors in the wake of Hurricane Sandy-- so long as they stop to volunteer or donate to the relief effort first, it sounds like a great plan to me.