While plenty of video games have been spun into movie adaptations for better or worse, Disney harkened back to the old school arcade games for their latest animated effort Wreck-It Ralph. John C. Reilly lends his voice to the film's titular underdog whose job is to be the blustering baddie who tears apart buildings within an arcade game so that the game's handyman hero Fix-It Felix can save the day! But after decades of the same thankless routine, Ralph is tired of being the bad guy, and so abandons his role in search of new adventure in other video game terrains.

Since video games are about as far from an athletic endeavor as one can get, Disney has a unique challenge in promoting Wreck-It Ralph within the fervor of Olympic-themed advertising. But by pairing Ralph's awkward attempt at gymnastics with some live-action wrestling overseen by co-stars Jane Lynch and Jack McBrayer, they pull off this cross-promotion quite nicely. Check out this sporty spot below, courtesy of Yahoo:

Having some fun with Lynch and McBrayer's respective TV fame, the producers of this promo have swapped the two's trademark attire. McBrayer beams while wearing the red track suit preferred by Lynch's sneering Glee villain Sue Sylvester, and Lynch dons a fitted blazer and button-down shirt similar to that favored by McBrayer's chronically cheery 30 Rock page Kenneth. It's oddly fitting since both sort of ape these personas in Wreck-It Ralph, where Lynch plays a Sergeant Calhoun, a hard-edged commando whose short and sassy do resembles Lynch's, and McBrayer voices the inexhaustible Fix-It Felix, who—like Kenneth—favors a dapper clean-cut look.

Wreck-It Ralph opens November 2nd.

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