We've written almost endlessly about 50/50 since it opened in late September, but no amount of support online was enough to get audiences to see something advertised as a "cancer comedy," starring Seth Rogen no less. It's hard to explain on paper how much about this movie works, how it deftly balances the raunchy comedy shared among young male friends-- like in a conversation about blowjobs that happens in a coffee shop about 10 minutes into the movie-- and the heavy emotional toll of what happens when an otherwise healthy 28-year-old is suddenly diagnosed with cancer. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's performance as the ill Adam is the anchor of the movie, but he's surrounded by a ton of talent, from Rogen as an endearing but slightly selfish best friend to Anjelica Huston as his mom who just wants to help him through a tough time. Director Jonathan Levine manages all the shifts in tone perfectly, and even the people who think they can't handle another raunchy Seth Rogen comedy will find themselves choking up as the story takes the expected but always affecting route. By being so hard to define as a comedy or a drama 50/50 missed out on a lot of attention when it came out, but a year of movie watching wouldn't be complete without it.

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