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Since breaking on to the scene in 2004 with his remake of Dawn of the Dead, Zack Snyder has made a name for himself largely by making hyper-stylized films based on material from other mediums, particularly graphic novels. Even Sucker Punch, the filmmaker's first foray into original storytelling, took notes from anime and video games. We've all grown to know Snyder's style, but after completing his work on Man of Steel it seems he's going in another direction.

Twitch has learned that Snyder now plans to direct The Last Photograph. While Snyder was already attached to the project as both a producer and co-writer (with Kurt Johnstad), the film was initially going to be helmed by Swedish Girl With The Dragon Tattoo-director Niels Arden Oplev, but he dropped out for undisclosed reasons. The film already has Sean Penn and Christian Bale attached to star as two men who travel to Afghanistan after being inspired by a photograph. The film has actually been around since 2007 and Oplev is not the first director to drop the project, as Sergei Bodrov was originally attached.

Considering that Man of Steel isn't set to come out until June 14, 2013, we'll probably be waiting a while before this film makes its way to theaters. While the acting talent involved can't be questioned and I still think Snyder is a fantastic director, the fact that he's also writing the script gives me serious pause. Sucker Punch was stunning visually, but the narrative was a total and complete mess. Let's hope that Johnstad, who previously worked with Snyder on the script for 300, can help reign him in.