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The countdown to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is slowly but surely winding down. With a mere two months to wait until we can see two of the DC universe’s most powerful superheroes go to fisticuffs, we’ve been exposed to more information and footage for the highly anticipated superhero flick. Now it appears that director Zack Snyder wants the fandom to amp up their excitement and choose which hero they’d like to see come out on top. Snyder recently sent this message to Dawn of Justice fans through his twitter account: I guess the message is pretty clear: pick a side, and root for either Superman or Batman during your screening of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. I’ve got to say the use of a Batman or Superman emoji is too tempting to resist, so I might have to take to twitter myself in order to utilize them. Apple really needs to get on the ball and introduce those images to the long list of emojis that are currently available. 

If I had to pick a side I’d definitely have to go with Batman. While Supes has essentially every superpower known to man, he’s not the genius that Batman is. In addition to Bruce Wayne’s impressive martial arts skills, and bevy of impressive weaponry, his mind is truly Batman’s greatest weapon. He can surely use his brain to find a way to strategically take Superman down. Plus all he needs is a kryptonite powered gadget and he’ll be able to kick some Kryptonian ass. 

It's possible that Batman’s victory is likely going to be present in Dawn of Justice. It would be a no brainer for Superman to swat Batman away, and wouldn’t make for much of an epic showdown at all. Plus, Batman is fueled by hatred. While Yoda would say this isn’t the right way to go into battle, Batman’s stakes are higher than Superman’s and will likely result in a short victory before the two unite against evil.

Whose side are you on? Sound off in the comments below, or taking to twitter to answer Zack Snyder’s call. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice flies into theaters on March 25th, 2016. Check out the amazing trailer to help get you through the wait.

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