Who The New Predator Movie's Protagonist Will Be

Now that we all know that Predator will be coming back in another big screen adventure, the hopes that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back on board are pretty high. Well, it looks like we finally have an idea of who the main good guy will actually be. Director Shane Black has let us all in on some key information about the new movie's protagonist.

The name I've given the [hero] in Predator right now is Quinn Mackenna. And that may change.

In speaking with Empire (via The Playlist), Shane Black, while wary of giving away too much information on the new Predator, known simply as The Predator, revealed the name of the character who will lead the franchise into the future. Black wouldn't say one way or the other if Arnold Schwarzenegger would be involved in any capacity with the film, only that they were playing with story ideas that both included and didn't include the actor. Of course, since Black wouldn't confirm, that only means that we might get the chance to see Schwarzenegger in another Predator film.

The 1987 Predator starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, the leader of a six man, elite special forces team that's been sent into Central America to rescue hostages who are being held there by insurgents. During their mission they discover that they're being hunted by a nearly invisible advanced alien who can seek them out with thermal imaging. Dutch and his team then have to risk their lives to beat the creature and get out of the jungle in one piece.

Predator was barely successful with critics when it was released, but audiences loved it. On a budget of around 15 million, the sci-fi, action horror movie grossed over $98 million worldwide, spawning two sequels and two crossover films with the Alien franchise. Since its release, the movie has gained momentum with critics, with several outlets giving it credit as a thrilling action film. In 2007, Entertainment Weekly even named Predator the 22nd greatest action movie of all time.

While there was some confusion at first as to whether or not the new film would be a reboot, director Shane Black confirmed about a year ago that, since the property already had a rich history that could be mined for The Predator, his film would be a sequel. And, since the plan right now is to use the earlier films to inform the new sequel, there could certainly be room for Arnold Schwarzenegger to make an appearance, even if he's only seen in a blink and you miss it type of cameo.

So, there's still hope that Schwarzenegger's Dutch will show up in The Predator. We can all see if he was welcomed back to Predator fold when the movie opens on February 9, 2018.

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