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Star Trek Beyond Wants A Lucky Fan To Come To The World Premiere At Comic-Con, Find Out How

Star Trek Beyond

The premiere of Star Trek Beyond is going to be a unique event in a number of ways. First of all, the event will actually be held at San Diego Comic-Con. What's more, the movie will be the first ever outdoor IMAX premiere. These things by themselves are already a pretty big deal, but now the movie is upping the ante just a little bit more by holding a contest where one lucky winner will get to hang out with the cast during the SDCC premier, and it's all for charity.

In a new video for charity organization Omaze, Star Trek Beyond _ star Zachary Quinto explained the details regarding the contest. A donation through Omaze gets you an entry in the drawing. The winner, and a guest, will get flown to San Diego, put up in a hotel, and will be able to walk the red carpet, attend the premiere screening of _Star Trek Beyond, and go to the after party, all while hanging out with the various cast members. All in all, it sounds like fun, and with San Diego Comic-Con tickets hard to come by, it's as close as some of us might get.

The charity being supported by Star Trek Beyond is an organization called The Mission Continues, a group that reaches out to veterans after they return home in order to help them find purpose by doing work in their communities. It's a worthy organization, with a fitting name considering we're talking about Star Trek.

This is just one of the contests that Omaze has run to help raise money with Star Trek. Last year, while the movie was in production, they offered a walk-on role to a winning fan. We expect that the cast could point out the previous winner to you while you're watching the movie together.

Unlike most of the videos that Omaze puts together to promote themselves, this one is very unassuming. It's just Zachary Quinto in front of a webcam. While still obviously scripted, it feels a bit more genuine then they're average production. Check it out.

If you can't see Star Trek Beyond as an outdoor IMAX experience, there are still opportunities to see the film in unique ways. Several minutes of the movie were filmed using the Barco Escape panoramic screen system, which adds a pair of additional screens on either side of the standard one. However you view the film, Star Trek Beyond premieres for most of us on July 22.

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