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Disney/Pixar is great at a few things: making children laugh, making adults sob, and making tons of money. While the duo has done historically well by creating captivating and original animated feature films, it seems that their next few movies are all going to be sequels. While fans perhaps thought this move was a little too cheap and easy, it turns out that the actual product is still as enjoyable as the original films. The long-awaited sequel Finding Dory swam into theaters this weekend, and it's absolutely demolishing animated records, as well as its competition at the box office.

The Wrap is reporting that Finding Dory has had the biggest and most successful opening weekend of any animated feature. The sequel has made an impressive $136.2 million in order to achieve this victory. The previous title holder for this honor was Shrek the Third _which grossed a total of $121.6 million in its opening weekend. With a ten million dollar lead, it looks like Finding Dory has kicked that ogre's ass, and secured the victory for the House of Mouse. _Finding Dory's immense opening weekend success has also broke another record, with the nautical adventure now being the second-largest June opening weekend of all time.

In just a few short days Finding Dory has beaten major records and brought home a ton of money. In fact, Finding Dory's success made over 100 million more dollars than its biggest box office competitor, The Rock and Kevin Hart's comedy Central Intelligence. The buddy comedy brought home a respectable $34.5 million, which is nowhere near the animated feature, despite an impressive cast and aggressive marketing campaign.

On its way to the biggest animated feature opening record, Finding Dory also broke records with individual days that it showed. Both Thursday and Friday saw Finding Dory _taking the record for highest-grossing animated movie. Basically, _Finding Dory is a force that can't be stopped.

With the heaps of money that Finding Dory is bringing in for Disney, it's surprising that it took so long for the damn thing to finally be produced. Finding Nemo was released back in 2003, and enjoyed critical and financial success. The dialogue from the original is utterly quotable, and it helped cement Ellen DeGeneres' role as America's sweetheart. Fans have certainly been hoping that a sequel would be produced, but nobody thought it was be a whopping 13 years later.

But it all worked out in the end, as Finding Dory has been garnering positive reviews and clearly is a force to be reckoned with at the box office.

Swim on over to theaters now to see Finding Dory attempt to find her family and herself in Disney/Pixar's newest success.

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