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There’s A Finding Dory End-Credits Sequence, Here’s What Happens In It

Finding Dory

Warning: There are some small *SPOILERS *ahead regarding the post-credits scene for Finding Dory. It's not major, but you might want to avoid it if you want to see Pixar's latest without it being slightly ruined. You can head over to one of our other fine Finding Dory articles to pass the time.

Ever since Finding Dory was announced Pixar fans have been counting down the years, months and days until it was released. Well we're now at its opening weekend, and, as expected, Finding Dory is projected to make a huge splash at the box office. However, if you're off to see the movie over the next few days, once its credits start to roll, you might want to bask in the glory of the film all the way through to the very end, because there is a end-credits sequence that's simply sensational.

While waiting and reading through everyone involved in a production just to see a pointless extra slither of a film can sometimes feel like a waste of time, Finding Dory's is completely worth it because it marks the return of The Tank Gang -- Gill, Jacques, Gurgle, Peach, Deb, Bubbles and Bloat -- who we last saw floating inside plastic bags in Sydney Harbour at the end of Finding Nemo.

Those of you hoping that The Tank Gang had managed to break free from their new abodes will be disappointed to learn that in the year between the end of Finding Nemo and the start of Finding Dory, they weren't able to pierce through the plastic walls.

After the credits finally come to an end, the camera pans up from the depths of the ocean where animated fish have swimming amongst the various names that worked on Finding Dory to reveal The Tank Gang floating on top still inside their plastic bags. Unfortunately we can't actually see the facial features of Gill and his posse because they're covered in the waste that has amassed over the past 12 months. It's disgusting, but still delightful to learn that they're doing OK.

The Tank Gang finally come to a halt outside the Monterrey Marine Life Institute, otherwise known as "the jewel of Morro Bay, Califorina," which is the exact location where Nemo, Marlin and Dory have just spent the past day looking for the latter's parents. Unfortunately for the septet, each of whom spent Finding Nemo trying to return to the ocean from the living hell that was the tank inside P. Sherman's dentist office, they're immediately picked up by Marine Life employees, who will no doubt take them back inside to an even larger tank. Do I smell another Finding Nemo sequel plot idea? You can check out this sequence in all of its glory from, well, today, as Finding Dory is now in cinemas.