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Finding Dory Dropped Two Hidden References To This Action-Movie Classic

Die Hard references in Finding Dory

Pixar has become one of the studios famous for including easter eggs and other references in their films. Usually, this takes the form of references to other Pixar films, however, Finding Dory contains easter eggs for one of the most un-Pixar movies we can think of. As it turns out, the new Pixar mega-hit contains a pair of references to the Die Hard films.

If you're a fan of Pixar, or just fun internet movie theories, you're probably familiar with The Pixar Theory. It's the idea that every Pixar movie takes place within the same shared universe and along the same timeline. It was first put together by a man named Jon Negroni several years ago and has been analyzed to death ever since. One of the more interesting, and hilarious, takes on The Pixar Theory, was a video from Mashable last year which postulated that, not only do all Pixar movies take place in the same universe, but they also all take place in the same universe as Die Hard. We thought it was a pretty funny joke, but it turns out, so did Pixar. Speaking with Collider, Finding Dory director Andrew Stanton said they liked the joke so much, they went ahead and added references to Die Hard in this new film.

There's a lot of theories online that all of our universes are connected, so somebody made a spoof of how we put Die Hard in all of our movies, and it was very funny. We thought it was tongue-in-cheek. So we said, 'Alright, let's do it,' so we made two Die Hard references in this movie.

Of course, they don't mention what the references are, so unless you've caught them already, it will mean another viewing of Finding Dory in order to figure it out. The film does take place in California, the location of the first film in the Die Hard series, so there're more than few opportunities there to add jokes.

Traditionally, there are a pair of easter eggs which Pixar always adds to their films. First, they always make a reference to the next film that the studio will be releasing, which means that Finding Dory included a reference to Cars 3 whether you noticed it or not. In addition, the movie always includes the "Luxo ball," the toy ball which appeared in Luxo Jr. the studio's first short film. Here it is near the beginning of Up.

Will this mean the beginning of regular Die Hard references in Pixar movies? We can only hope.

Easter egg hunt time. Did you notice any easter eggs in Finding Dory? Specifically, can you tell us what the Die Hard references were? Please let us know in the comments.

Dirk Libbey

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