The jury's still out on 2016. While there have been a number of financially successful movies -- several of them from Disney -- we have yet to be blown out of the water by a steady stream of movies flooding the local multiplexes, and instead, spend too much time debating why films like Warcraft and Popstar failed to find larger audiences.

One complaint we keep hearing from readers is that there's nothing good to see this year, be it in theaters or at home. Well, we want to course correct that line of thinking and give you the Best Movies of 2016, So Far! These are the films that knocked our socks off, as chosen by the writers and editors on CinemaBlend. How many of these have you seen? And what's your favorite movie of 2016 so far? Let us know in the comments section.

Captain America: Civil War

The MCU kicked off Phase Three in May with Captain America: Civil War, and it still remains the year's best, most action-packed blockbuster Despite its large cast, the movie never felt overcrowded, instead managing to give every character enough time to shine while still keeping the focus largely on Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). The movie also provided the MCU's most thought-provoking story yet thanks to the heroes' ideological conflict. All that, along with excellent visuals and a compelling antagonist, cement Captain America: Civil War not only as 2016's greatest hits, but a superhero movie that I will always remember fondly. (Adam Holmes)

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