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The Hidden Figures Trailer Is Brilliant And Empowering, Watch It Here

One of the great things about movies is that they can reveal things to the general public that most never knew before. Hidden Figures does this by shining a light on a part of the space program that most of us never think about. We've seen numerous films about some of the first men to go to the moon, but much less so about the people who helped them get there. We knew so little, that we had no idea how many African-American women were part of the program. Check out the trailer now.

Hidden Figures focuses on three women, played by Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monae, who were all part of the American space program in the 1960s, working on the project to put men on the moon. As can be expected, three African-American women working in such a field are met with the same prejudices as all other African-Americans, the fact that achieved these positions based on their hard work and intelligence only gets them so far. And of course, being women, they have additional discrimination to deal with. Even the black colonel we meet in the trailer, who one assumes has been dealing with his own race prejudice in his career, still doesn't give them much credit due to their being women.

Along with the main cast, we also see supporting roles from the likes of Kevin Costner, Jim Parsons, and Kristen Dunst, as the white NASA employees that our heroes work with on a daily basis. While it's difficult to tell, it doesn't appear that any of them will be playing any sort of antagonist. Instead, they appear to simply be the sorts of people who haven't really considered what it's like to be treated the way our main characters are, we expect minds will be changed in at least a few cases.

While the subject matter could certainly set Hidden Figures up to be an overly dramatic and serious affair, the film instead looks to be going for a much lighter tone. The highlight of the trailer is certainly the character played by Janelle Monae, who seems to have a quip ready for every opportunity. We certainly hope we haven't seen all her best material here. Her stinger at the end of the trailer about being an engineer is a fantastic line and makes us want to check this movie out as much as anything.

While Hidden Figures has an official release date of January 13, 2017, we wouldn't be surprised if there are plans for a limited release in late December in order to make the film eligible for the Acadamy Awards. This is just the sort of film that usually impresses voters for awards. Just because it fulfills the Oscar formula, doesn't mean that any of it isn't worthy. We're certainly looking forward to this one when it hits early next year.

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Dirk Libbey

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