There May Be More Members Of The Rogue One Team Than We Thought

Ever since we learned the plot Rogue One: A Star Wars Story we have wanted to know more about the members of the Rogue One team, the people who get sent to try and retrieve the Death Star plans. However, now it appears that there may be even more members of that team than there appeared. Some new details have emerged regarding a handful of new aliens who will be appearing in Rogue One, and one of them apparently joins the team on the mission.

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This lovely gentleman, or lady we suppose, we make no judgements here, is Rebel Commando Pao. According to Making Star Wars, he's a member of an amphibious species called the drabata. The site also claims that he "joins the Rogue One team on its historic mission to secure the Death Star plans." The key word here, is "joins." He doesn't help them or aid them or assist them, he joins them. This makes it seem that Pao is more than just a side character offering a helping hand, but may actually be a member of the team, in all but name anyway.

We hadn't really noticed before, but with the exception of the droid K-2SO, every other member of the Rogue One team that we've seen is human. While the majority of Star Wars characters have been so, there have always been a good number of aliens hanging around to make the galaxy feel diverse. The fact that there wasn't a single alien on the Rogue One team seemed odd. Now, it looks like maybe the aliens were just being hidden from us.

If Rebel Commander Pao is also joining the Rogue One team, are there other members of the team that we also haven't seen? On the one hand, the bigger the team gets, the harder it will be to remain covert, but at the same time, we have to wonder exactly how much we haven't seen yet. The title "Rebel Commander" makes it certainly seem that Pao is an active member of the Rebel Alliance, not simply a random alien the team picks up along the way.

It may be that Rebel Commander Pao is only able to do his job from afar. Traditionally, the Galactic Empire is very human-centric, not giving much of a care for most aliens. For that reason, Pao likely can't go waltzing into an Imperial base. This may be why the character hasn't been seen in any of the trailers to date.

What do you think of Rebel Commander Pao? Do you think he's the only alien member of the Rogue One team, or will we meet several others when the team hits the big screen this December?

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