The Sicario Sequel Has Added A Stranger Things Star

Matthew Modine

Sicario was one of the most critically-acclaimed movies of 2015, with its accolades including three Academy Award nominations. Next year, moviegoers will reunite with one of its primary characters, Benecio del Toro's Alejandro Gillick, in Soldado. Although the follow-up will also see Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Donovan reprising their roles as Matt Graver and Steve Forsing, respectively, the cast is otherwise comprised of new characters, one of whom will be played by Stranger Things star Matthew Modine.

According to Deadline, Modine has been cast in Soldado to play Secretary of Defense Director James Ridley. This means he'll be sharing a lot of screen time with Catherine Keener, who is playing Ridley's Deputy Director. Along with the previously mentioned actors, the Soldado cast also includes Elijah Rodriguez as Miguel Hernandez, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Isabela Moner and David Castaneda. All these characters will somehow be embroiled in the violence and turmoil of the drug war south of the border.

Matthew Modine has been acting in Hollywood since the early 1980s, with his early notable credits including Birdy, Full Metal Jacket, Vision Quest and Pacific Heights. In more recent years, he's appeared in The Dark Knight Rises, Jobs, Army of One and the TV series Weeds. Last summer, he starred in Netflix's Stranger Things as Dr. Martin Brenner, the man in charge of the experiments at Hawkins Laboratory, which included testing the full power of the telekinetic girl Eleven and exploring the parallel dimension informally known as the Upside Down. Soldado provides Modine another opportunity to play an authority figure, though as anyone who saw Sicario knows, not everyone in the government or law enforcement is necessarily trustworthy.

Sicario primarily followed Emily Blunt's Kate Macer, an FBI agent who was recruited into a task force to help take down a powerful drug cartel boss. Given how Macer's story concluded, Soldado opted not to bring her back and instead focus on Alejandro Gillick, who used the mission in Sicario as a means to exact revenge for the murder of his family. The movie has been described as being more of a standalone spinoff, and will reportedly see Gillick, Matt Graver and Steve Forsing traveling to Mexico to ignite a conflict between the country's rival drug cartels. Stefano Sollima inherited directing duties from Denis Villeneuve, whose next movie up is Blade Runner 2049. Sicario screenwriter Taylor Sheridan also penned the sequel.

Soldado's principal photography kicked off in early November 2016 down in New Mexico, but the movie hasn't been publicly assigned a release date yet. We here at CinemaBlend will keep you updated on how Soldado is progressing as more news comes in, but in the meantime, let us know what you think of Matthew Modine's casting in the comments below.

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