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For a long time, it seemed like a sequel to 2013's Pacific Rim was never going to happen, but thankfully we don't live in that universe. A sequel called Pacific Rim: Uprising has been deep in production since November, with an impressive cast that includes the like of John Boyega, Charlie Day, and Scott Eastwood. While we like knowing who's in the pilot's seat, what we really want to see is the Jaegers- the giant fighting robot stars of the series. We don't know any of the new robots that'll be in the film, but now thanks to John Boyega, we know one Jaeger that will be returning for the sequel.

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Yup, that's Gipsy Danger, the main Jaeger from the first film that was piloted by the characters of Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi. This picture was shared via the Instagram of Star Wars: Episode VIII's John Boyega, who will be playing a main character in Pacific Rim: Uprising. The black and white image shows Gipsy Danger standing idle on a rainy night, ready to get back into action. The post looks more like a promotional image than an actual shot from the film, but it's still cool to learn that Gipsy Danger lives to fight giants monsters another day.

Fans of the first film will remember that Gipsy Danger wasn't exactly in one piece by the end of the film, let alone being in our own dimension. The Jaeger made the leap into The Breach to visit the home of the Kaiju to finally put an end to the invasion. The last we saw of Gipsy, it was self-destructing in order to close the Breach for good. It stands to reason then, that the Gipsy in the above image might actually be an entirely new Gipsy Danger -- a Gipsy Danger Mark II built in the honor of the first one. That's a pretty nice touch and it's possible that this new version has all-new weapons too.

We know that Boyega is playing Jake Pentecost, a Jaeger pilot and the son of Idris Elba's Stacker Pentecost from the first film. With that in mind, Boyega could be teasing that he will be the co-pilot of this new Gipsy Danger. Other than that speculation, we really don't know much else the film, which is keeping plot details under wraps. It has been said that the story will prominently feature Charlie Day and Burn Gorman's scientist characters, and we can hazard a guess that the Kaiju will somehow be returning to Earth.

Guillermo Del Toro has stepped down from the director's chair and has passed the baton to Steven DeKnight for the sequel. Pacific Rim: Uprising is expected to hit theaters on February 18, 2018.