Things aren't going as swimmingly behind the scenes of the DC Extended Universe as any fan would hope. Much like both Wonder Woman and The Flash before it, the upcoming solo Batman movie is losing the filmmaker who was originally supposed to take the helm, a.k.a. Ben Affleck. As a result, the search is on to find someone to replace the man behind the camera. The big question, naturally, is in regards to who the substitute director will be.

Below and on the next few pages, we've plucked out a handful of directors who we would like to see get the opportunity to direct their own solo Batman film. Read our choices, and then hit the comments section below to tell us who you want to see get the job!

Matt Reeves

Let's start with the more likely names, shall we? When the report came out that Ben Affleck would no longer be directing the Batman film, Matt Reeves was one name that sprouted immediately as a potential replacement. And he would definitely be an exciting choice. He made his debut with the better-than-you-remember-it Cloverfield, and has since followed it up with two Planet of the Apes films (one being genius and the other coming out this summer). We certainly know he could handle the scale of the production -- the question is whether or not he would be up for the challenge after spending so long on his last two blockbuster features.

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