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On the eve of the upcoming sequel, the folks behind the Honest Trailer have taken aim at John Wick and they've learned a very important lesson. You simply don't mess with John Wick. The series that popularly takes aim at every movie under the sun doesn't really take too many shots at this action movie, because it's hard to make fun of something so good.

This Honest Trailer hits the nail on the head in so many ways. John Wick was almost a cult hit in the way that it didn't set the box office on fire when it was first released but has come to be regarded as one of the best recent action movies of the day. Odds are, you had that friend who wouldn't shut up about how good it was, or if you were the one who actually saw it early on, you were that friend that wouldn't shut up about it. As one of the people who didn't see the film initially, I appreciate that some wouldn't shut up about it. That's why I eventually saw it.

What this video actually does is point out most of the ways that John Wick is superior to most other recent action movies. It's lack of shaky-cam and frequent cuts and extreme close-ups helps John Wick stand apart from most other current action franchises. Instead, you end up with something that is very nearly a ballet of bullets. So very many people get shot in the head, as they also point out. The number is in fact 76, a total which was actually thought to be lower at one point until the director confirmed just how many people get killed. The number seems simultaneously insane, and yet almost too low considering just how many people get shot in the head.

While John Wick wasn't a runaway smash, its legend has grown since release. It was also, as modern movies, not particularly expensive to make, which meant that it was still a profitable endeavor for those involved. Thus we have ourselves John Wick Chapter 2 set to take a bow this Friday. It will be interesting to see how the movie plays with its existing formula. One of the things that John Wick did well was create a framework for an existing universe. as the trailer here points out, hitmen apparently have their own hotels and body clean up services. Exactly how deep does this world go? How much more is there for us to see. We're hoping that we see more of that as much as we see more of John Wick being an unstoppable badass.

How many more people will Keanu Reeves shoot in the head? We'll find out this weekend. Will you be checking out John Wick 2 when it hits theaters on Friday? Let us know down in the comments below.

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