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In case anybody thought that the whole LEGO Movie thing was a one hit wonder, the box office take for The LEGO Batman Movie would seem to indicate that's not the case. There are at least two more movies on the way and now that we know that licensed properties work when it comes to these films, we expect we'll be seeing even more of them going forward.

The LEGO toy brand has numerous deals to create toys based on all sorts of franchises. As such, they've already built a number of opportunities for tie-in films. While we're sure that there would be numerous hoops to jump through when it comes to licensing deals between other studios as well as LEGO themselves, that doesn't stop us from wanting. Here's a few that we'd love to see.

Harry Potter

This one seems incredibly obvious. The Harry Potter film franchise is owned by Warner Bros., as is the LEGO film franchise. This means that putting the two together would be potentially easier to put together than most other options. We saw Voldemort take a significant role in The LEGO Batman Movie, not unlike what Batman did in the original LEGO Movie. Maybe that means we'll be seeing him again in a future spinoff of his own. J.K. Rowling appears to have a solid sense of humor, so we can't imagine she'd have a problem with having a bit of fun with her beloved characters.


The Ghostbusters brand is clearly still popular, but the recent reboot just didn't resonate with fans. At the same time, we'll never see a true sequel to the original films. The word is they're working on an animated Ghostbusters movie but what they should make is a LEGO Ghostbusters movie. That way the original characters can return, they could even bring up the new ones if they want. It's an idea that could poke fun at the attempted reboot in the same way that LEGO Batman had some fun with the current DC universe. Everybody could laugh at this one equally and nobody can argue their childhood is being ruined.

Star Wars

Star Wars was the brand that LEGO started their licensing deals with back in 1999. Since then, they've appeared in toys, video games, and TV series and movies. However, they've never had a big screen outing. The fact that Star Wars characters have appeared in previous LEGO films would seem to indicate that LEGO has the appropriate rights to put them on the big screen. Look at the LEGO version of Star Wars as one of the spinoff opportunities that the series is now working with. It doesn't even need to deal with existing characters, just call it a LEGO Star Wars Story.

Doctor Who

This one is a long shot, to be sure, as popular as The Doctor has become in recent years he's still a bit of a niche character, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't love to see it. Doctor Who has seen his own LEGO sets and is also part of the LEGO Dimensions video game. His mortal enemies, the Daleks, also make an appearance in The LEGO Batman Movie. The LEGO universe is the perfect place for a Doctor Who movie because the film can be just as wild as the series but it won't be subjected to the series' endless history. A standalone movie that could just be funny for its own sake, and include every incarnation of the character in the last 50 years. Who doesn't want to see that?


This may be the longest shot of them all but if it worked it could also be the most entertaining. Disney has created one of the most beloved universes in the history of pop culture with their animated films, and while the Disney Princesses are grouped together for marketing purposes, we've never seen any of them together in a proper film. There are an infinite number of reasons that will likely never happen, as such, let's use LEGO bricks for what they're designed for, combining things together into something new. You could put Mickey, Minnie, all the princesses, and even Captain Jack Sparrow together if you really want to. It'll be nuts, it'll be ridiculous, but it'll be fun.

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