The LEGO Batman Movie’s End Credits Sequence Is Online, And It’ll Make You Want To Dance

It's fair to say Batman is a pretty serious dude. After all, his iPod is filled with nothing but dark atmospheric tones and TED Talks. The LEGO Batman Movie takes all that seriousness and throws it out the window, creating a version of the Dark Knight that is both fun and likes to have fun. That's how the movie totally gets away with a dance party ending that features all of Batman's allies and enemies sharing the dance floor to bust some moves. Check out the official video of that ending and give a listen to a pop song that makes parents and studio executives happy.

WARNING: This song is catchy and it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Sometimes life can be pretty tough. Warner Bros. knows this and they've taken the opportunity to spread a little cheer. The studio was kind enough to share the ending credits sequence (minus the credits) of The LEGO Batman Movie to YouTube, and it's a video that might as well be laced with Joker Venom with how hard it can make you smile. The video showcases the Will Arnett-voiced Batman singing and dancing along with his friends and enemies to the song "Friends Are Family - Oh, Hush!" Come for the incredibly catchy song, stay to watch Alfred shred on the guitar.

If you've ever wanted to see Batman dancing with every single one of his most hated enemies while wearing matching white sequin outfits, then you might as well consider your life complete. Everyone from Joker to Condiment King is in this video and it's wonderful. There are tons of great gags to catch from Commissioner Gordon using the Bat-Signal button as an instrument to Orca doing the worm (whale?). Plus, you can't beat the novelty of watching Batman beat box while surrounded by flames.

This video is pretty much a prime example of why The LEGO Batman Movie was such a great addition to the long list of Batman movies. It's unlike anything else on that list and it's such a refreshing kick in the pants that the character needed. The movie definitely has its flaws (after a GREAT opening, it drags until Act 2), you can't deny the sheer fun it exudes. While the ending itself isn't original -- a lot of animated movies end with a dance party nowadays -- the fact that it's Batman saves it and makes it more savory than it would be otherwise.

You can watch this ending as much as you'd like now on the internet, but don't forget that you can also see the rest of the film on the big screen by heading to your local theater and buying a ticket for The LEGO Batman Movie.

Matt Wood

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