It finally happened, people. Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has officially hit theaters, representing the next stage in a long line of cinematic DC properties. Critical reception to the film has been mixed (at best) but Dawn of Justice represents the jumping off point for a major world of DC superhero movies that could characterize the blockbuster landscape for years to come.

Having said that, we cannot deny that our absolute favorite element from Batman V Superman comes in the form of Ben Affleck and his take on the Caped Crusader. Although numerous actors have donned the cape and cowl over the years, we feel safe saying that Affleck may very well be the all-time best silver screen Dark Knight we have ever seen. He most certainly has some stiff competition for that title, but we’ve come up with seven distinct reasons as to why we believe Ben Affleck is in fact the best live-action Batman.

He Fights Like Batman
There’s no getting around this one; Ben Affleck’s Batman is hands down the most physically dangerous live-action Caped Crusader we have ever seen. The fight scenes in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice are pulled straight from the wildly popular Arkham games, with the latest incarnation of Bruce Wayne beating hordes of men senseless while using everything in his arsenal. Gone are the days "BAM" and "POW" flashing across the screen as Adam West’s Batman would hit his opponents; we wince for the bad guys when Batfleck throws a punch. One thing is certain: if Ben Affleck’s Batman had been the star of The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy’s Bane would’ve gone down a whole lot quicker.

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