Watch Will Arnett Hilariously Prank A Toy Store As LEGO Batman

There is no definitive way to depict The Caped Crusader, and The LEGO Batman Movie has officially proven just how far the core idea behind The Dark Knight can stretch. Will Arnett delivers a delightfully absurd performance as the titular hero that (literally) builds on the foundation established in The LEGO Movie, and he clearly has a ton of fun in the role. Seriously, he was born for this part. In fact, Will Arnett recently made an appearance on BBC Radio 1 to deliver a prank phone call to a toy store as LEGO Batman, and it is abundantly clear that he can make just about any situation funnier as this character. Check out the clip below to see for yourself.

Will Arnett deserves quite a bit of credit for pulling off this recent appearance on BBC Radio 1 with an insane degree of poise and humor. The segment does not just require him to pull off an immaculate Batman performance -- which he totally does. It also requires him to think fast on his feet and improv like an absolute champion. Beginning every sentence with a subsequent letter of the alphabet is no easy feat, but LEGO Batman makes it look effortless.

This sequence is made even better by the inclusion of an animated LEGO Batman to accompany Will Arnett's rapid-fire riffing. From the very distinct LEGO animation style to Michael Cera's Robin playing around in the background, the entire clip thoroughly lends the notable sense that this unique, animated DC world is one of the most well-realized comic book universes currently in existence on the silver screen.

The LEGO Batman Movie Will Arnett

It is also worth mentioning the fact that this video sells how much of LEGO Batman's charm comes from Will Arnett himself. The film is obviously a tightly written DC adventure that has done its homework, but Arnett's delivery of the lines (which very clearly takes aim at the gravelly vocals of Christian Bale) has us in stitches every step of the way. This guy could recite numbers out of the phone book as LEGO Batman, and he could completely entrance us. He is that good.

If you have not seen The LEGO Batman Movie yet, do yourself a serious favor and check it out while you still can. The film is a worthy successor to 2014's The LEGO Movie, and it promises a fantastic new franchise for Will Arnett's more comedic Dark Knight.

The LEGO Batman Movie is currently in theaters.

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