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The One Thing That Would Get Patrick Stewart To Play Professor X Again

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James Mangold's Logan will represent a significant moment for the superhero genre. As Hugh Jackman's final outing as Wolverine, the film will mark the end of an era for its star, as well as Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier. Stewart has made it very clear that he intends to walk away from the powerful telepath after Logan, but now it seems that it would take one very particular character to get him to come back: Wade Wilson. Stewart explained:

I would have said yes, but the discussion just now about Deadpool makes me think, well, maybe there is a proper justification for the revival of Charles Xavier.

During a recent interview with MTV, Patrick Stewart made it clear that he has certain conditions for returning to play one of his most iconic characters: put him in a Deadpool movie. Clearly, we are already on board. How could you not be? The idea of Patrick Stewart's Professor X playing a major part in a Deadpool movie is a phenomenal prospect. After all, Stewart has a proven knack for comedy. From Blunt Talk to his regular voice work on American Dad and Family Guy to his Strongbow Hard Cider commercials (yes, even those), he has established himself as a powerful comedic force that hides beneath the guise of a respected thespian. Put him in a movie with a smartass like Ryan Reynolds, and magic will happen.

Beyond that, if he returns we will finally learn which Professor exists in Deadpool's continuity. Is it McAvoy or Stewart? These timelines are so confusing.

Of course, it's also worth mentioning the fact that Hugh Jackman has similarly waffled on his commitment to retiring from the role of Wolverine as well. The man behind the clawed badass made it abundantly clear that he is done portraying Wolverine in the X-Men universe, but he also recently added the caveat that he would stick around if the X-Men franchise and the Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover at some point. Throw in the fact that Patrick Stewart is willing to play Professor X in a Deadpool movie, and we could potentially see a way to get Deadpool, the X-Men, and The Avengers in a cohesive universe together. Obviously, a large number of things would need to go right for this to happen, but the framework is certainly there if 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios ever decide that they want to work together on this.

Whether or not Patrick Stewart will hop back into the wheelchair to play Professor X for a Deadpool movie (or any other X-Men film) remains to be seen, but the possibility for him to return will always excite us. For now, you can catch him as Charles Xavier for the (potentially) last time when Logan debuts in theaters tomorrow.

Need a better look at Patrick Stewart's upcoming version of Professor X? Check out a trailer for Logan on the next page!

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