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The Gruelling Training Schedule Chin Han Underwent For Ghost In The Shell

Chin Han as Togusa

When you're cast in a blockbuster film you have to make sure that you're in peak physical condition. It's not just that you have to look the part, you also have to be able to convincingly jump through the proverbial cinematic hoops dozens of times a day without getting stitched up or holding up the shoot for a breather. Those involved in Ghost In The Shell went through a rigorous training schedule in order to be fully prepared for the film's big and bold stunts. In fact, its star Chin Han recently revealed that his training schedule actually unfolded over a seven month long period. Chin Han explained,

The training was very intense. It was 2 months before we started shooting, and then throughout the course of the shooting, which was 5 months. I think the producers and Rupert Sanders wanted us to think and move like a unit, and like a family really, a dysfunctional one no less, but a family. We went through physical conditioning, and then military training, paramilitary training, weapons training, tactical training, and we did that about five hours a day. It was very, very grueling. But I think at the end of the day, it brought us really closer together, and hopefully you can see that on screen.

Chin Han made this admission to me when I spoke with the Singaporean actor on the day of Ghost In The Shell's release last week. Han, who previously popped up in The Dark Knight, 2012, Contagion, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Independence Day: Resurgence ahead of his role as Togusa in Ghost In The Shell, clearly worked tirelessly to not just get his body in the right shape for the sci-fi epic, but also so that he and his fellow members of Ghost In The Shell's Section 9 looked like a smooth military unit.

In the Ghost In The Shell scenes where Section 9 are deployed and then swiftly strut their stuff as lean mean killing machines you really get a sense of the training that each of the team underwent when preparing for the film. In fact, you can get a taste of Chin Han, Scarlett Johansson, Pilou Asbaek, and Takeshi Kitano's skills in Ghost In The Shell by watching the trailer below.

While Scarlett Johansson takes the lead role as The Major in Ghost In The Shell, who is a cyborg with a human brain inside her metallic skull that spends the most of the film searching for her identity in this world, Chin Han's Togusa is the only family man of Section 9, which also consists of Pilou Basek's Batou and is led by Takeshi Kitano's Chief Daisuke Aramaki. You still have an opportunity to see the results of their grueling training in action, as Ghost In The Shell was released just last weekend and is still in cinemas (opens in new tab) now.