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Alec Baldwin

When tell-all memoirs get released it's fairly normal for them to ruffle some feathers. Alec Baldwin's new book is no different. But now, the actor is taking issue with the publishers of the book itself. In a new social media post, the actor says that the final version of the book contains a number of typos and other errors and he calls out the publisher of Nevertheless by name for them having made it to the published version.

The published edition contains SEVERAL typos and errors which I was more than a little surprised to see. The editors at Harper Collins were, I imagine, too busy to do a proper and forensic edit of the material.

Even in a finished book, typos are not uncommon and ultimately not that big a deal. What's curious is Alec Baldwin's assertion that the book contains errors that were not caught by the publisher during the editing process. Baldwin doesn't go into detail in the Facebook post as to what sorts of errors he's referring to but by referring to things separate from typos it would seem he's talking about fact-checking problems. Baldwin says he will be using the book's Facebook page to make "corrections and amendments to the text in order to bring it more in line with my original intent."

It's interesting to see that Alec Baldwin himself feels that the memoir requires corrections as he's not the only one who thinks so. A couple of days ago the actor was in a major Twitter war with producer Dana Brunetti over a claim made in Nevertheless that Baldwin wasn't aware that his co-star in the film Mini's First Time was only 16 at the time that she played Baldwin's love interest. Baldwin claims that Brunetti withheld this information while the producer says that wasn't the case. The quality of the title's fact checking also made it into the "conversation."

For his first correction, however, Alec Baldwin doesn't tackle anything nearly so controversial. Instead, he focuses on a choice of language that he had a tendency to use when discussing actresses that he worked with that he's afraid could be misinterpreted.

When I write that I am "in love" with Megan Mulalley or Kate McKinnon or Tina Fey, I mean that I am in love with their talent. As a happily married man who wants to stay that way (ahem), I wanted to clarify that.

We're not going to mention how, in his correction, he misspells Megan Mullally's last name.

Alec Baldwin has become an especially controversial figure in recent months with his biting portrayal of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. It seems clear that his new book will be keeping him controversial for some time to come.

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