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This Is Us Justin Hartley in a Rocking Chair

When you land a role on a wildly successful network drama like This Is Us, you tend to take your time before making the move to any sort of movie projects. But not Justin Hartley, the man who plays Kevin Pearson on the hit NBC series, as he's landed a pretty hot gig during the off-season. Those of you who loved Bad Moms are about to get a wonderful surprise, as Hartley has been cast in the sequel, A Bad Moms Christmas. Hartley will be playing a man of many talents... and one of them is stripping.

The news comes from Deadline, who report that the sequel to Jon Lucas and Scott Moore's sleeper hit of 2016 will make its thematic home during the holiday mayhem, including Justin Hartley. Hartley's casting is for the benefit of Kathryn Hahn's Carla, as his character happens to get along with her quite well. And why wouldn't he, as he's an exotic dancer at night and a legit firefighter during the day. If this isn't the sort of mix that'd make the craziest mom in the bunch excited, then we don't know what is.

This feels like a match made in heaven, as This Is Us has quickly become a pop culture and ratings juggernaut for NBC, and hiring a cast member like Justin Hartley cashes in on that buzz. Speaking of cashing in on buzz, A Bad Moms Christmas is doing just that, as the $20 million production budget for Bad Moms ended up grossing $179 million worldwide, solidifying the film's status as a humble hit for STX Entertainment. Considering both properties' fan-bases tend to overlap quite a bit, it's a move that sets the Bad Moms universe up for success a second time around.

With both A Bad Moms Chrismas and Bad Dads in the pipeline, a bridge between both sides of the parenting equation will be needed. Maybe if Justin Hartey plays his cards right, he and Kathryn Hahn's characters will hit it off so well that he'll be asked to jump on-board for the sequel itself. Only time will tell if the Bad Moms universe continues its winning streak, or if it only lives up to part of the hype. At the very least, the addition of Justin Hartley should entice people to join in on the fun, which just may make the difference in the end.

A Bad Moms Christmas unwraps the festivities on November 3rd.

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